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Ashamed of Clean Clothes?

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Today, FrugalDad talks about the shame of airing your dirty laundry in public…

Wait! Not DIRTY laundry, CLEAN laundry. That’s right, folks, in some places around the country it is apparently against the rules to line dry your clothes.

I will admit that when we first decided to hang out laundry outside I was a bit apprehensive about it. After all, we live in the middle of town just one home away from a very busy street and in a “nice” neighborhood. But then I questioned why it was bothering me so much and I realized it was all about one thing – underwear.

Not just mine, they’re only boxer briefs, but my wife’s as well. It’s not as if she wears thongs or see-through underthings, but they are still things that only the two of us see regularly, and now anyone with a passing glance can catch them most any day of the week!

Now, however, I think about the fact that full-fledged lingerie (or perhaps it is only fledgling lingerie since there seems to be so little of it?) hangs in open view at Wal-Mart and in the windows of Victoria’s Secret. As others have said before me, Victoria has NO secrets any longer.

Besides, at least people know our clothes are washed regularly, and there really is nothing quite like the smell of crisp, line-dried fabrics. It makes me appreciate the relatively clean air we have in our hometown and it’s nice to see the lower electric bill each month. It almost feels like cheating to get the same dry clothes as others for free.

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Ashamed of Clean Clothes?

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