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Save money on iPhone and iPad apps


I don’t know how many of my friends have iPhones or iPads but if you do I want to share a tip with you for saving money on apps. It’s a website and an app called AppShopper.

I’ve been using it for a couple of years and what they do is keep up with all the price changes of every app in the store – in real time.

You create a free account, click on the “Want It” box on the apps you’d like to have and then whenever the price changes they e-mail, text or pop-up on your iDevice to let you know.

For example, right now Brothers In Arms II is on sale for .99 cents, down from $4.99. I just saved $4 on a game I really want.  I’ve saved as much as $20 on a single app by waiting for the price drops.  I got every one of the Angry Birds games – original, Seasons and Rio for free by using AppShopper and waiting for the price to drop.

Most games go on sale regularly, sometimes for a week, a day or even just a few hours.  You’ll find over time that most of the big app developers like Gameloft, EA Games, Chillingo and others have their biggest sales on holiday weekends.  I got some great apps for cheap or free on Black Friday last year because they want to push their games knowing that people like me will tell others about the great new game he’s playing and many people will just go right out and buy the app at full price, not willing to wait for a sale.

AppShopper saves me the time of having to check prices all the time on games I really want and because of them I rarely, if ever, pay full price for apps.  It’s win-win for me.  Check them out.

By the way, I wrote this and am not being paid for promoting this site, app or company.  I just get excited about saving money and want to share with my friends.




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