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Higher Education For The World

Great. Thought-provoking article on the education of the world’s masses…

Education Stormfront

As of 2010, 95.48% of the population of the world do not live in the United States. It can be safely said that 100% of the people of the world will need to learn things in order to survive and thrive. It is also pretty widely accepted that the US has some of the best universities in the world. Countries send their best and brightest here to be educated but the vast majority of the world’s population will never get higher education, much less of US quality. Doesn’t this seem to be a market waiting to be tapped?

With all that in mind, let’s look at the following: (H/T Gizmodo)

In a blog post today, AT&T SVP for technology and network operations John Donovan made the official announcement that the API for Watson (the company’s proprietary voice-recognition software that transcribes spoken words into text) are now open to and

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