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Why More Patients Should Blog About Illness And Death via NPR

Having experienced the death of a spouse from cancer and seeing the dearth of writing and/or video she left behind makes me a huge proponent of this movement for a number of reasons.  First, my wife was terrified of what eventually became inevitable and I strongly believe journaling about her day to day experience would have given her not just peace, but also a renewed sense of purpose as she worked to leave behind something meaningful to our children.  As it stands, there are a handful of half-written entries, two fragmented attempts at letters to our kids and only sporadic video footage of her last 18 months of life.  If you sense a hint of anger in my tone, you aren’t off base; however, my overwhelming emotion these 12 years later is sadness that there aren’t more of her thoughts left behind, particularly when she died in such a media-rich age.  Anyway, here’s a great piece on NPR about this matter.  Enjoy.

Why More Patients Should Blog About Illness And Death : Shots – Health News : NPR.



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