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Cage-Free vs. Free-Range: The Truth Behind Eggs and Confusing Terminology – Houston – Restaurants and Dining – Eating Our Words

As a family who have raised true free-range and organic chickens, it was surprising to me that there is no real meaning behind the words within the poultry industry. Why am I wasting extra money on cage-free or free-range eggs when the chickens are either confined to a tiny sliver of outside space for short periods or simply allowed to roam freely enclosed in one large coop?

Read and decide for yourself before you buy again. Find a local producer if you can. Check with your extension agent or farmer's market.

Cage-Free vs. Free-Range: The Truth Behind Eggs and Confusing Terminology – Houston – Restaurants and Dining – Eating Our Words.


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No Chipmunk Cheeks Here

Great recipe! Great website! Check out The Ranting Chef for great recipes, tips and engaging stories.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

My sons are not picky eaters. While they are 14 and 17, they really weren’t very picky as youngsters.

When my eldest was very young, like most small children, he would often not want to eat his dinner. As my early parenting skills were still developing, I hadn’t found a good solution to the problem. Cajoling and encouraging rarely worked. Telling him to open up for the train or airplane to come in failed miserably. Being stern and telling him he had to, only led him to put a bite in his mouth and move it to the side like a chipmunk. He proved that while I might be able to get it into his mouth, it was his decision from there on what to do with it.

Eventually, we settled on simplicity. If you don’t want to eat it, fine. We’d cover it and put it into the fridge…

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Jalapeño Corn Beer Quick Bread Recipe – CHOW

Immature jalapeno capsicum annuum var annuum


Here’s a great, quick recipe for bread that substitutes beer for the yeast so you can skip the rise and still get that great, yeasty taste. Perfect with chili or tomato soup. Check it out at CHOW:

Jalapeño-Corn-Beer Quick Bread Recipe – CHOW

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Why You Should Spiral-Cut Your Hot Dog for Grilling – Videos – CHOW

Here’s a great tip to make your summer grilling a little more interesting, tasty and crispy.

Why You Should Spiral-Cut Your Hot Dog for Grilling – Videos – CHOW.

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Egg Egg Egg Egg
Image by boughtbooks via Flickr

I love to eat eggs for breakfast. Whether fried in bacon fat or olive oil, poached in water with a hint of white wine or scrambled until fluffy, they are the most satisfying of morning meals to me.  Even a quickly made quiche is more desirable than a hastily made bowl of cereal.

I keep an old non-stick skillet on hand for poaching eggs.  It’s long since surpassed its usefulness as a fry pan because the surface is scratched, but when half filled with simmering water it makes a perfect bath for my breakfast-to-be.  The pan is flat-bottomed, straight of side and has a nice vented glass lid so I can keep an eye on my huevos while they poach in about an inch and a half of water with a splash of white wine. The wife bought me silicone egg rings last year for my birthday and they work perfectly to keep the wisps of egg white constrained until they set up.  A few minutes in the simmering bath, remove the rings, gently coddle the eggs with the perfect slotted spoon to drain well and dash with smokehouse pepper and salt.
With a side of toast one can dig in and swab up the yolky leavings or, better yet, forgo the toast and savor the wondrous pleasure of a mouthful of egg eaten whole while leaving the plate nearly as clean as it began.