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Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable – Can Teaching’s ‘Revolving Door’ Be Stopped?

Revolving door (base)

It will be interesting to see if American public schools make any significant strides in this area within my lifetime.  Within my own district this is a continuing issue with multiple factors involved.  This ongoing discussion at Education Week is worth a look for its numerous perspectives on the issue.

Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable – Can Teaching’s ‘Revolving Door’ Be Stopped? Archives – Education Week Teacher.

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Grab and Go: 5 Make-Ahead Lunches to Pack in Jars | The Kitchn

Grab and Go: 5 Make-Ahead Lunches to Pack in Jars – via The Kitchn 

via Grab and Go: 5 Make-Ahead Lunches to Pack in Jars | The Kitchn.

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Using Dropbox in the Classroom

Dropbox: A Superb Classroom Tool

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When I mention Dropbox to friends and colleagues, I usually get one of two responses – a knowing smile and nod, or a puzzled and quizzical look. Whether you know what the program is, you have likely heard the name. But really, what is Dropbox?

Dropbox is many things — a multifaceted tool that’s so powerful, you’ll continue to discover new ways to use it. But the short and sweet of it is this: you can use it to store and sync documents…keep reading.

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Reading Levels of American High School Students

Good stuff…

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Now Is The Time To Learn To Write Clearly; The Economy Needs It

Clarity in writing is in short supply these days.


Last week’s blog addressed the perceived epidemic in grammar deficiencies that is plaguing American business today.  It pointed out that the foundation of the American economy is capitalism, i.e., free enterprise and entrepreneurship.  The blog further emphasized that individual initiative has been the driving force behind the economic growth in America.

The blog was intended as a call to action.  You can do your part to move the economy along by becoming a better writer.  The written word is more important now than ever before. In today’s world of global communications, you cannot hope to secure a place unless you can write clearly.  Prepare yourself to meet opportunity.  Begin by learning to write clearly.  It will pay huge dividends for you.

I practiced law in California for over 40 years before retiring.  I saw the writing failures of innumerable attorneys who, despite all their education, still made mistakes in writing.  I attended several…

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Eliminate Multiple Choice Exams!

It’s time for the guessing game…

Dr. Staub

Yup. I’m even a Social Studies teacher.  Multiple choice exams tell you nothing about what students know. These exams have always frustrated me, but when thinking about my post today, my son asked me what we could do, since it was raining.  Without prompting, he wanted to play board games, and then he chose Candy Land.  I didn’t offer “fun” choices for him to pick from, and I didn’t offer the board games that we have.  He, at 3.5 years old, made an appropriate choice from thinking through possible options in his head.  Life isn’t a multiple choice test; why is school?  My opinion—those that use multiple choice assessments are lazy.  Yup.

Now, I have used them, and my students still take multiple choice tests on test prep benchmark exams, but I don’t like them.  So, when I bad-mouth multiple choice, it’s not because I’ve always felt this way.  THESE…

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Finding a use for Evernote

Still using Evernote after all these years, but finding it harder to manage… this article helps…

I want 2 speak Thai



Today is a bit about language learning, but not really.  Hey, I can have other useful things to say other than language learning advice (I’m serious!).   Anyway, for a while now, I have heard about this cool thing called Evernote.  It’s a free program, that lets you make notes and clip things from the internet and have it save in a central location.  Then you can get access to that information through anything that has access to the internet.


It seemed like a good idea, in fact it seemed like a great idea.  My one problem was that I don’t take notes.  Ask my wife how many times I have gone to the store and gotten half the things wrong, assuming I even get the item at all.  It’s not that I can’t or shouldn’t make lists/reminders/notes to myself, or even that I don’t like…

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